Google Workspace (Formerly G-Suite)

Power your business with the help of robust work and performance tools from Google.

Join the 5 Million Businesses Using Google Workspace.

Business Starter

  • Business Email Through Gmail
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Shared calendars
  • Secure Team Messaging
  • Basic Administrative Controls
  • Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • 30GB Storage Per User
  • US Based 24/7 Support
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Business Standard

  • Business email through G mail
  • Secure Team Messaging
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Shared calendars
  • Unlimited cloud storage (or 1 TB/user if less than 5 users)
  • Documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Business Class Administration
  • US Based 24/7 Support
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Business Plus

  • Business email through G mail
  • Secure Team Messaging
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Shared calendars
  • Unlimited cloud storage (or 1 TB/user if less than 5 users)
  • Documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Enterprise Class Administration
  • US Based 24/7 Support
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Google Workspace Pricing

Best Google Workspace Pricing in India. No Questions Asked

Business Email, Calendar, Storage, and More

With Google Workspace, the tools to effectively carry out various business operations are all brought under the same umbrella. Whether you need seamless interaction between business email, calendar, storage and more, G-Suite makes all of that possible. Easy to set up, use and manage interface, Google Workspace will revolutionize the way you use technology to bolster your operational efficiency and business performance.

Work Better Together, Always

Google Workspace ensures that your team is able to coordinate between their works perfectly to improve their collective performance. As everything is updated in real time and accessible by the team, you can save a lot of precious time to ensure that the project is being completed on time. This will ensure higher project delivery and schedule adherence leading to enhanced client satisfaction.

Safer, Invisible IT That Works

What makes G-Suite or Google Workspace the most effective business tool is the myriad of security and work features that it brings. Each element of Google Workspace is designed carefully to meet the demands of your business and to ensure that you can use technology to make your business better. Get G-Suite from us and create a G-Suite account and start growing your business right away.

Stay On Your Work Wherever You Are

Google Workspace makes it possible for everyone to work from anywhere in the world. All your work is stored instantly and can be accessed by anyone with the access for the same. With an internet connection, work efficiently without having to worry about the security of your work. With cutting-edge security systems and an internet connection Google Workspace supports your work better, more efficiently.

Work Faster, and More Efficiently

With Google Workspace, streamline and carry out routine tasks more efficiently. You can use the powerful functions of Google Workspace for budgeting with a single google spreadsheet, invoicing with the help of Google Drive and scheduling with Google Calendar. Google Workspace helps you holistically remove time-consuming chores altogether and spend more time to make your business better.

Robust Cloud Technology

With Google Workspace, you never lose any of your work as it is instantly saved in the cloud. The cloud is secured with intelligent and advanced security measures to keep all your work safe and secure. FES Cloud brings everything you need to keep your work running no matter where your employees are. Simple to use, powerful to leverage, and robust to support your business, Google Workspace’ cloud technology is all you need.

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Google Workspace (G-Suite) Applications


Communicate with your customers and build their trust with a professional and tailor-made email address in your business’ name but with all the conveniences that Gmail offers.


Get everything you do, effectively organized to a single place. Safe and secure, Drive lets you access all of your work on any device with an internet connection, anywhere and anytime.


Organize your works, tasks, and schedules with Calendar across every G-Suite app that you use. Integrate the calendar items to stay always in control of your work and the time.


Create text documents online right on your browser. Invite people to work and edit it together. Every change that you make to the doc files are saved automatically.


Who says you need dedicated software to work on spreadsheets? Google Docs makes working with sheets a breeze. Create lists and analyze data with charts, graphs and even pivots.


Text, voice or HD video, stay connected with your team to share important work details. Work together with your team even when you are away without worrying about distance and time.


Bring the power of Google search across the G-Suite. Search and find your files and content across apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides, and even Calendar. Everything is just a search away.


Create tailor-made forms as you want. Surveys or questionnaires, you can create the most effective forms that can be collated and analyzed effectively on Google Sheets.


Give your presentations the polished look with Google Slides without the need of dedicated software. Have multiple teams work on the latest versions of slides from anywhere.


Whether for your business or team, you can create feature-rich websites through intranet for your company with Site Builder without having to write even a single line of code.


Centralized management of data and assuring its security is paramount. Google Workspace makes it possible with the Admin panel. Control users, access and enhance security.


Add more power to G-Suite with Vault with archiving and eDiscovery to search, export, retain and manage all the business mails and on-record chats for better safety and ease of access.

Google Workspace Setup Package ($99.95-One Time Price)

Looking for help to set up the G-Suite App in India? Let our experts take care of that for you. Our subject matter expert will help you with all the support that you need to create a G-Suite account and configure the same as per your business specifications and requirements.

  • Account Verification
  • DNS Settings (CNAME, MX, SPF, DKIM records)
  • Email activation
  • User's setup and migration
  • Calendar, Docs, Sites activation
  • Desktop/Mobile access instructions

Store More with Additional Storage

Every business would require more storage as it grows. If you need more storage space with your G-Suite, we provide you that as well. Scalable according to the requirements of users, businesses can customize the storage plans to meet their needs holistically.

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