Acceptable Use Policy

  • 1. Purpose :  This is FES.CLOUD’s (“FES.CLOUD”, “we”, or “our”) Acceptable Use Policy. Our goal is to allow our users complete access to everything the Internet has to offer, and to help them build their businesses. This AUP facilitates this goal by governing your use of the Services. Because of the evolving nature of the Internet, our business, and the various ways in which our, equipment, technology or network may be abused, abusive activities not set out in this AUP may still be prohibited. For the same reason, we reserve the right to update this AUP from time-to-time.


  • 2. FES.CLOUD Policies & Third Party PoliciesThis AUP and our other Policies are part of your contract with us, and governs your use of our network and resources and our provision of the Services. If you are a customer, you’ve agreed to abide by our Policies when you checked “I agree” to our Terms of Service. If you are not our direct customer, you agree to abide by this AUP by using the Services provided by or through us.You are bound by policies from third parties that provide services to you through FES.CLOUD. You are strongly encouraged to review such policies prior to agreeing to be bound by this AUP.


  • 3. Prohibited Uses:  Any SPAM or Unsolicited business emails are disallowed. Our system is not designed to be used for mailing lists with over three hundred (300) recipients and you may not send an email to more than three hundred (300) recipients. If you need to send an email to over three hundred (300) recipients, please contact our Support Team for a list of other service providers that can assist with this task. Even if you send email to fewer than three hundred (300) recipients, we will consider your mail to be unsolicited, or SPAM, if it results in a number of complaints to us, disrupts our network, or subjects us to unfavorable action by other Internet providers. If you believe one of our customers is engaged in spamming, please send an email containing all headers and your contact information, to: [email protected] content is prohibited. You are responsible for any content transmitted, or accessed, using our network. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any applicable law or regulation is prohibited. You may not utilize our network to directly facilitate the violation of any particular law or regulation or this AUP.The activities listed below are meant to provide you with examples of activities and content that are strictly prohibited by this AUP.
  • IRC scripts/bots, IRCD (irc servers), Auto Surf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites, Topsites.
  • IP scanners, Brute force Programs/Scripts/Applications, File Dump/Mirror Scripts.
  • Anonymous or Bulk SMS Gateways, Bitcoin mining, Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts.
  • Websites or links to websites advocating human violence and hate crimes.
  • Websites promoting illegal activities. or linking to other websites that promote illegal activities, Fraudulent sites.
  • Hosting or selling adult thumbnail galleries/banner exchanges, child pornography, pornography or other erotic material.
  • Lottery/gambling or chain letters.
  • Advertising, advocating or operating High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) , Ponzi or Pyramid schemes, prime banks programs, Bank Debentures/Bank Debenture Trading Programs, or Related Sites.
  • broadcasting or streaming of live sporting events or television.
  • impersonating another user or otherwise falsifying one’s user name in email, Usenet postings, on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), or with any other Internet service.
  • Dox or posting personally identifiable information such as addresses, emails, contact no. with the hope of causing damage or harm to said person. This does not cover Government officials when providing contact email addresses or the representatives work phone.
  • Content that promotes or advocates human trafficking in any way shape or form as determined by FES.CLOUD’s sole discretion, sites that promote prostitution, or escort services.
  • Network unfriendly activity.
  • Creating, posting or sending Warez, Roms, CD-Keys, cracks, passwords, serial numbers, Internet viruses, worms or Trojan horses, engaging in denial of service attacks, or hosting content that is intended to assist others in defeating technical copyright protections.
  • Posting links to prohibited items, facilitating a violation of our Policies, or instructing others in illegal or prohibited activities.
  • Setting up or using (via the Service) proxies, proxy scripts/anonymizers of any kind.

If you believe that another customer is using our network in violation of these Policies, please contact us.

Network Stability. Our network is designed to meet the anticipated needs of our customers, users, and our needs. If we determine that your use of the Services is in breach of our Policies or impairs the stability of our equipment, technology or network, we may suspend your use of the network, throttle back the bandwidth available for your use, or terminate our agreement with you, in our sole discretion.

Monitoring of Communications. From time-to-time we may monitor your use of the network for statistical purposes and to improve the use of our network. Any such monitoring will be done in accordance with our Privacy Policy, located at


  • 4. Use of Services:  IP Addresses. The IP addresses we assign to you are the only ones you may use in connection with the Services. Your use of the Services may be suspended if we determine that you are using other IP addresses. IP addresses are part of your use of the Services, and are owned by us and simply assigned to you while you are a customer. We may change these addresses if necessary. IP addresses may not be assigned or transferred, and will be recycled by us if you terminate your use of the Services.Software. We may provide software for you to use while you are a customer. Generally speaking, this software is sub licensed to you, and may not be further sub licensed or used for purposes other than those expressly permitted in our Terms of Service or our other Policies, and in the documentation provided with the software. You will be given, or given access to, a software license. This license may further restrict your use of the software. We do not provide support for software whether you license it through us, or have licensed it independently.


  • 5.Client Notification:  In the event of a violation of any of our Policies, our Compliance Team will take commercially reasonable steps to notify you via email with relevant details about the alleged violation. Compliance with applicable Federal, State, and Local laws, and court orders will also be taken into account when we respond to alleged violations.


  • 6.Reach Us: We encourage you to contact us if you believe that someone has violated this AUP. To facilitate this contact, and ensure that important matters are responded to and addressed, we have designated specific channels for communicating with us. Individuals who contact us about this AUP, the behavior of our customers, or for other purposes, are required to provide us with accurate information to enable us to contact them and respond to their requests. We do not respond to anonymous correspondence, and will refer individuals who deliberately attempt to mislead us regarding their identity, or the basis for their complaints, to appropriate law enforcement officials. Nothing you send or communicate to us is confidential regardless of whether you claim that it is.


Please send all email correspondence to: [email protected]

Mailing Address: Date:- 18 August, 2018

7/449, Sector 7, Malviya Nagar,

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 302017