Network Operation Center

24×7 network monitoring Service for all your servers, routers, switches and other network devices

We keep your IT infrastructure tuned to deliver top notch performance to your customers. We have qualified engineers who monitor your servers and proactively work on ensuring that the servers are fully optimised.

Our Linux and Windows server management teams have the industry experience and the certifications which gives them the edge and the ability to keep your infrastructure at 100% uptime state and performing optimally.

Our services include regular data backups, scheduled monitoring- which includes proactive server upkeep and maintenance, Patch management, log monitoring , server audits and security audits and more.

Server migration and Cloud Migration services are offered by the NOC team as well.

The benefits of outsourcing your server administration to FES.CLOUD are several

  • On Demand service in case of emergencies
  • No need for a hired team on site
  • Comparative cost saving – paid Support by your Data centre costs a bomb
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Quick Turn around
  • Application support on Demand
  • Proactive server management
  • Nightly support
  • Water tight NDA

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Backed by Expert Technical Support

All our hosting services come backed by Fes cloud’s round-the-clock, technical support staff
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