Ownership Disputes And Transfers

In case of any dispute emerging in relation to any account’s ownership, domain or website ownership or domain hosted by, registered with or opened with FES.CLOUD will be subject to the terms and conditions of this section.

Notice of Hosting Account Ownership Transfer

Please ensure that any changes regarding the owner and/or billing information saved in the account’s control panel must be modified by the Transferee or the Transferor. FES.CLOUD will not be liable for any inability in accessing the account because of failure to release access information. FES.CLOUD holds the privilege of tolerating or dismissing the demand for any reason in its total and sole watchfulness.


Change of Registered mail ID

If request is being sent from registered email ID, The client needs to send address and ID proof scan copy for cross verification of account ownership. The change in email ID can be immediately done if the address proof provided by the client matches with FES.CLOUD’s records for that particular client.

If registered email ID is inaccessible, The client needs to send us an email along with his ID proof mentioning the reason for the change in email ID. We further analyze the situation by sending the mail to the registered email ID for the requested change. We automatically make the changes if we don’t get any response from registered email ID within one week (from the mail sent time).


Ownership Transfer

FES.CLOUD won’t be in charge of deciding sites’ ownership hosted by FES.CLOUD or domains registered or accounts opened with FES.CLOUD or any of its affiliates. By getting to FES.CLOUD’s system, registering to its services, or utilizing them, any individual or the subscriber, registering, accessing, or utilizing, henceforth represents and warrants that any information provided in relation to the said registration, including information pertaining to website ownership, accounts, and domains, is complete, accurate and true for each detail.


Account(s) ownership change will be recognized by FES.CLOUD, of domains registered with FES.CLOUD and/or websites hosted by FES.CLOUD or its affiliates only in the case if FES.CLOUD receives a valid order from a court, an agency, or any suitable internet controlling entity, asking FES.CLOUD for transferring an ownership to the claimant in discussion.

Supporter recognizes, acknowledges and concurs that the previously mentioned methodology and approaches in connection to the ownership exchange are the main strategies through which notice(s) can be given and alterations can be refined in connection to the expressed possession exchange inside FES.CLOUD and also, some other adjustments straightforwardly made by the subscriber or by some other inside FES.CLOUD’s online records will not be viewed as powerful to pull out to FES.CLOUD of any changes in stated ownership.


Disputing Site or Account Ownership

Sometimes disputes may arise among or between various persons claiming rights or ownership of a site hosted by FES.CLOUD or in any associated account of FES.CLOUD. Resolution of any such issue will not be FES.CLOUD’s obligation. In case of many different persons claiming rights or ownership of a site hosted by FES.CLOUD, then, in FES.CLOUD’s sole judgment, to the extent of its ability and knowledge, it may notify concerned persons involved in the dispute and demand that involved persons swiftly and conclusively resolve the dispute, thereby making clear as to who the interest holder(s) and/ or owner(s) is/are.


On the off chance that the debating people can’t resolve the debate inside what FES.CLOUD, in its judgment, considers to be a sensible measure of time, then FES.CLOUD,with no commitment to do as such, as an alternative, may, in accordance with and subject to the laws of India, file a case within Jaipur jurisdiction, to allow the opposing parties to resolve their dispute so as to reach certain judgment in relation to the rights in or ownership of the site and/or account in question. The person or persons determined as rightful interest holder(s) or owner(s)of the said site and/or associated account shall be obligated to reimburse FES.CLOUD for all the expenses incurred for the case including without limitation all its court fees and attorney fees. All due amounts owed to FES.CLOUD within this section should be paid as soon as the settlement is reached or after judgment is obtained.