Abuse/Spam/Bulk Email Policy:-

FES.CLOUD reserves the right to deny mail delivery from any servers hosted on our network if they are believed to be involved in SPAM or SPIM activities. This includes spam support services such as DNS or spamvertised web sites. Our abuse department will locate abusive servers based on public blacklist monitors, abuse reporting from external networks, and other means. If our abuse department receives a report or otherwise becomes aware of abuse-related activities active on our network, we will identify the server the abuse was initially sent from (via IP and in some cases by domain) and create a ticket on behalf of the user who occupies the server with information regarding the abuse such as logs describing the abuse and an explanation of what abuse took place.

The following actions will be taken:-

An abuse ticket serves as notification that our abuse department has received reports of abuse originating from the server. We require a client response to ALL abuse tickets within 48 hours of the ticket being opened. Typically no service will be suspended or filtered within the first 48 hours of an abuse ticket being opened. If a response is not received within 48 hours, or the server is determined to be abusive (or likely to be abusive in the case of spam black-listings) after the ticket is opened, our abuse technicians may filter or disable ports or IPs assigned to the server temporarily to prevent further abuse until a response is received.

If a response has not been received to an abuse ticket within 4 days of being opened, the server is eligible for suspension and may be completely disabled until we receive a response.

Habitual neglect of abuse occurring on a client’s server may lead to service termination or longer-term port filters as some black-listings can take several weeks to time out or be removed.

FES.CLOUD reserves the right to refuse services to any client whose account(s) have been fined or terminated for abuse-related activities. If an IP range or IP address has been blacklisted as a result of excessive abuse reports, FES.CLOUD reserves the right to issue a fine of $200 and immediately terminate the service.


Compromised servers issued abuse notifications: If our abuse department suspects that abuse reports associated with a client’s server are a result of the server’s security being compromised, our abuse department will offer the following options:

At the discretion of our abuse department, we will typically offer the ability to log in to the server and remedy the security compromise while leaving the abusive traffic filtered.

Offer an Operating System re-installation, setting the configuration back to the original state it was provisioned in.

If Operating System re-installation is not accepted as an option, FES.CLOUD may offer to manually retrieve/repair the files on the server, at a fee to be assessed and paid prior to any work being done.

Habitual security compromises that result in abusive traffic being transmitted or received from the server may result in service termination.

If a client wishes to dispute any abuse reports, or any fine assessed in connection with abuse reports or black-listings, the client must provide Go4Hosting with an explanation via WHMCS’s ticketing system within 10 days of the abuse ticket being opened.


How to Submit the complaint:-

  • Write an email to [email protected]
  • Write Your Full Name, Contact Details, Domain Name and attach any documents you have.
  • We will revert you within 24 hours.


DMCA Complaints

FES.CLOUD handles all Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) protestations truly, and will altogether examine every objection got.


The following actions will be taken:-

A ticket is opened as a notice, giving 48 hours to determine the circumstance.

Following 48 hours with no customer reaction, association with the IP address from the DMCA complaint will be disabled at the system level. As of now, FES.CLOUD claims all authority to survey a $25 fine. After 72 hours with no resolution, services of the server will be suspended.

Following 7 days periods of being suspended and the issue not having been settled, services of the server will be dropped and an Abuse Charge of $200 will be put on the record. All customer information will be destroyed instantly after the retraction date.